Beginning July 11/12, weekend Mass times will be Saturday at 4:30 pm, Sunday at 6:30, 8:30 and 10:30 am.  Weekday Masses will be 6:30 am Monday through Friday, 8:00 Mass on Tuesday and Friday, and a 12:10 pm Mass on Thursdays. The Covid guidelines still remain in effect.

Policy at St. Francis of Assisi Parish for Masses during the Pandemic

Our committee for dealing with the pandemic and our liturgy has recommended that we return to our full schedule of Masses for the weekend, so we have a 4:30 on Saturday evening, and on Sunday we offer Masses at 6:30, 8:30 and 10:30.

We will work within the parameters the diocese requires in terms of social distancing, lack of singing, etc. Seating is based on a first come, first served basis. I suggest you arrive early.

Our ushers are instructed to make the most of our limited seating capacity. The pews have been measured and taped. There is a 6 ft. space between the tapes on the pews so it is safe to be on either side of the tape. A family, living in the same household, is exempt from observing the 6 foot social distance, so a family could occupy the entire pew disregarding the tape.

If a person is coming to Mass alone, or with a spouse, PLEASE use one of the pews on the side aisles, where two people can fit rather easily instead of occupying a large pew in the center of the church.

Bishop Paprocki continues to grant a dispensation to the faithful from the obligation of coming to Sunday Mass.  If you are unwell, or if you are in a high risk category, then please remain home for your own safety and the safety of others.

Whenever we engage with a group activity, we are placing ourselves in a position of possibly getting the COVID-19 virus or any virus. Please be safe. We are following the diocesan directives.

Please wear a mask when entering or leaving the church.

You do not need to wear a mask inside church as long as you maintain the safe distance: 6 feet separating you from others, except immediate family members.

Please follow directions from the ushers, especially for entering/leaving the church and for reception of

Holy Communion.

Everyone will enter and leave by way of the main door of the church. There will be a collection basket in the vestibule. Please place your tithe or offering in the basket when you enter the church. The usher will bring the basket to the sacristy before Mass. Ushers will not go through church taking up a collection.

At the time of Communion, the priest and the minister will stand in front of the two side altars. People on the east side of the church will come down the side aisle in front of the Blessed Virgin altar, while people on the west side of the church will come down that aisle in front of the St. Joseph altar. Please wait for the usher to release your pew for Communion. After receiving Communion, every one returns to their pew by way of the center aisle.

The side aisles are marked with social distancing of 6 feet. Please observe the social distance when you come for Communion.

At the end of each Mass the usher will release the pews for people to leave by way of the center aisle – starting at the rear of the church. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE BY WAY OF THE SIDE AISLES.

The side chapel will be used for overflow. At the end of each Mass, the pews, door handles, restrooms, etc. have to be sanitized before the next Mass. If we do not need to use the pews in the chapel, that will be less to be sanitized after Mass.

For weekday Masses, please sit in the front of church, within the area marked by reserve signs. The purpose is to limit the number of pews to be sanitized after Mass.

Singing is discouraged during this phase of the pandemic. There will, however, be a cantor at Masses.

A person can receive Holy Communion on the tongue, but keep in mind that when a person chooses to do this, the minister must stop, set the ciborium down safely, sanitize his or her hands, before continuing with the distribution of the Eucharist. The person receiving on the tongue can simply walk back to the pew, but the rest of the Communion line must wait while the minister sanitizes his or her hands. 


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